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Live Webinar: "Pneumologie Highlights in einer Stunde"

Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2018, 18:00 Uhr

Die Zeit steht nie still, so auch in der Wissenschaft. Passend zum Jahreszeitenwechsel werden in der Herbstedition des live Webinars "Pneumologie Highlights in einer Stunde" aktuelle Erkenntnisse im Atemwegsbereich auf den Punkt gebracht.

Welche neuen medizinischen Erkenntnisse gibt es in COPD und Asthma? Wie kann der Patient seinen Alltag besser gestalten? Wie kann beispielsweise durch Sport der Krankheitsverlauf beeinflusst werden?

Diese und weitere Neuigkeiten diskutieren die beiden Referenten Prof. Koczulla (Schönau) und PD Dr. Krüll (Berlin) aus Klinik und Praxis am Mittwoch, 24.10.2018 um 18:00 Uhr. Offene Fragen können dabei direkt an die Referenten gestellt werden.

Folgende Themengebiete werden erwartet:

- Medizinische Erkenntnisse – Neue Studienpublikationen

- Über die Medikation hinaus – Weiterführende Therapieansätze für den Alltag

- Ein Blick über den Tellerrand.

Die CME-Punkte für das Webinar werden beantragt.

Neugierig geworden?.

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Heart Failure Association of the ESC

Heart Failure Association of the ESC

HFA webinar

"Hyperkalaemia in Heart Failure"

Tuesday 27 February 2018 from 18:00 to 19:00 CET



Professor Giuseppe Rosano, FESC
Professor Of Cardiology
St George's Hospital Medical School, London, United Kingdom
Professor Stefan Anker, FESC
Head of Field "Tissue Homeostasis and Cachexia"
Charité University, Berlin, Germany

Professor Petar Seferovic, FESC
President-elect, Heart Failure Association of the ESC
Corresponding member of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Chair of Internal Medicine, University of Belgrade School of Medicine, Serbia
Professor, Heart Failure Center, Belgrade University Medical Center, Serbia
President, Heart Failure Society of Serbia

Heart Failure: Pathophysiology

Learning objectives:

- To improve understanding of the pathophysiology, clinical significance and unmet medical need in CHF patients who are treated with renin-angiotensin-aldosterone-system inhibitors (RAASi) therapy that have hyperkalemia or are at risk for elevated potassium levels.

- To review the clinical evidence conducted to date with current and new potassium binders and understand the mechanism of action and efficacy of the newer options.

- To understand how the management of potassium levels can help to start and continue optimal RAASi treatment in cardio-renal patients to improve outcomes.

Free for everyone.

ESC Education team

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Acute Cardiovascular Care Association (ACCA)
European Society of Cardiology (ESC)

Acute Cardiovascular Care Association (ACCA) | European Society of Cardiology (ESC)

ACCA Membership 2018

"Your community. Your network. Your membership."

Dear Sir or Madam,

We're proud of the community we're building and the contributions we're making in acute cardiovascular care. Now's the time to be part of this dynamic association.

Take a few moments to discover the type of ACCA membership that's best for you.

Just some of the available ACCA Member benefits:

Access to post-congress resources

Webinars throughout the year

The European Heart Journal EHJ-ACVC

The IACC textbook

The ACCA Toolkit and other educational tools

Discounts for the Acute Cardiovascular Care Congress and other ACCA events

ACCA voting rights and eligibility to stand for the ACCA Board
Unique networking opportunities within a multidisciplinary community.

See the different membership packages and levels to best suit your needs.

Your community is waiting for you!

Choose your membership:


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Amgen GmbH

AMGEN Fachkreise

"AMGEN Fachkreise"




Aktuelle Artikel, Filme, Kongressmaterialien, Präsentationen, Veranstaltungen u.v.m.


FUJIFILM SonoSite Gmbh
Floating Doctors Mission


Floating Doctors Mission

"Maria's baby"

Maria is pregnant, a few days overdue with her baby in a dangerous, transverse position. Out here in this remote location, the most difficult question is when to transport. Dr. Jordan sees the complications ahead, live on screen with the Edge system.

In the remote coastal regions of Panama, Honduras and Haiti, infant mortality during childbirth is high. The fifth video in this fascinating series shows just how overwhelming the problems can be. The mother and grandmother's anxiety is compounded by the practical and financial difficulties in getting to a hospital far away.

View now:


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Webcast: "Thinking about using ultrasound for subclavian access?"

Ultrasound-guided subclavian venipuncture is more rapidly learned than the anatomic landmark technique in simulation training.

Real-time, ultrasound-guided central venous cannulation results in a lower technical failure rate (overall and on first attempt) and faster access.

Learn more:


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QIAGEN - Sample & Assay Technologies

QIAGEN - Sample & Assay Technologies

Webinar Invitation: "Featured webinar series downloads: qPCR, NGS, miRNA and microbiology"

Interested in live webinars?
Register for the December sessions



3 part series on qPCR

This series introduces real-time qPCR technology, a pathway- or disease-focused PCR array platform, and the newly released data analysis tool at QIAGEN GeneGlobe.

Part 1: Introduction to Real-Time PCR (Q-PCR/qPCR/qRT-PCR)
Part 2: Pathway-Focused Gene Expression Analysis — Advanced Real-Time PCR Array Technology
Part 3: PCR Array Data Analysis Tutorial

4 part series on microRNA

This series covers miRNA biogenesis, profiling, data analysis, and functional microRNA analysis.

Part 1: Biofluid miRNA Profiling: From Sample to Biomarker
Part 2: Meeting the Challenges of miRNA Research: miRNA Biogenesis, Function, and Analysis
Part 3: Advanced microRNA Expression — from Experimental Design Through Data Analysis
Part 4: Functional microRNA Analysis

4 part series on NGS

Learn NGS technology, applications, and challenges, and find out about the most efficient, cost-effective method for successful NGS.

Part 1: Next-Generation Sequencing: an Introduction to Technology and Applications
Part 2: Targeted Enrichment for Next-Generation Sequencing: Applications in Translational Research
Part 3: Targeted Enrichment for Next-Generation Sequencing: Applications in Clinical Research
Part 4: Next-Generation Sequencing Data Analysis for Genetic Profiling

4 part series on microbiology

Listen to our overview of the molecular basis for the intricate interactions between host and pathogen, as well as current research tools.

Part 1: Host–Pathogen Interactions: Molecular Basis and Host Defense Mechanisms
Part 2: Microbiome: From Identification to Characterization
Part 3: Exploring the First Line of Defense: Research Tools for the Innate Immune System
Part 4: Toll-Like Receptors in Inflammation

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diabetes-symposium.de | Sciarc GmbH

diabetes-symposium.de | Sciarc GmbH

Webcast und Online-CME: Neues Hilfsmittel für verbesserte Insulinresorption (Teil 1 + 2)

"Neues diabetologisches Hilfsmittel für bessere Insulinabsorption (1 + 2)"
(Dr. T. Behnke, Neuwied)


Zur Diabetologie-Fortbildung (Teil 1)

Zur Diabetologie-Fortbildung (Teil 2)

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

Studien zeigen, dass sich durch lokale Erwärmung der Injektionsstelle die Insulinabsorption verbessern lässt, sodass die Therapieziele mit reduzierten Insulindosen erreichbar sind. Auch die Hypoglykämieraten sinken. Das neue diabetologische Hilfsmittel insuPad setzt dieses Prinzip in die Praxis um. Wissenschaftlicher Hintergrund und praktische Aspekte werden im neuen Webcast auf diabetes-symposium.de präsentiert.

Der begleitende CME-Test ist mit 2 CME-Punkten zertifiziert.

Ihr Team von diabetes-symposium.de

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md-fm.com - the first medical web radio

md-fm.com - the first medical web radio

MD-FM is an English language weekly Web radio podcast for physicians. It is based on the latest news from leading medical journals, such as the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, The Lancet, the British Medical Journal, as well as updates from major international medical congresses.

The aim is to update the practicing clinician on important news across a variety of medical specialties. The weekly program is about 8 minutes long, and includes 5 or 6 news segments. It is produced by experienced medical journalists who interview medical experts, ensuring high-quality content of relevance to physicians, regardless of their specialty.

Physicians can sign up online on the website www.MD-FM.com to receive the journal via email and can listen to the podcast online directly, or download it for later listening. The journal is also subtitled and a link is provided to allow the listener to access all original medical journal articles referenced in the segments for further reading.

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Was ist ein Webinar?

Ein Webinar ist ein Seminar, das über das World Wide Web gehalten wird. Die Bezeichnung setzt sich aus den Wörtern "Web" und "Seminar" zusammen, ist also ein sogenanntes Kofferwort. Trotz unterschiedlicher Anwendungsformen, wie z.B. Web-Meetings für die Zusammenarbeit im Team oder publikumsstarke Web-Konferenzen, haben Webinare ein gemeinsames Merkmal: Die Teilnehmenden sind immer live dabei.

Welche Vorteile bieten Webinare?

Der ortsunabhängige Informationsaustausch ist der wesentliche Vorteil von Webinaren. Webinare lassen sich vom Arbeitsplatz oder vom Home-Office aus verfolgen, dank Tablet-PC oder Smartphone sogar von unterwegs. Sie bieten dadurch erheblich mehr Flexibilität als Präsenzseminare und eliminieren den Faktor Reisezeit nahezu vollständig.

Welche Ausrüstung benötige ich für ein Webinar?

Internetverbindung (am besten Breitband / DSL)
Mikrofon und Lautsprecher (integriert oder USB-Headset)
Webcam (optional)

Die meisten Computer haben ein integriertes Mikrofon und integrierte Lautsprecher. Mit einem Headset oder Handapparat erhalten Sie aber eine sehr viel bessere Audioqualität.


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